UNIV 1020 – Career Myths Assignment Description

March 4, 2017
Homeostasis Assignment
March 4, 2017

UNIV 1020 – Career Myths Assignment Description

During a point in the semester we discussed career myths. We know that a career myth is essentially having a preconceived notion (positive or negative) about a career

without having all the facts. In at least one and a half pages tell me about at least 3 myths that you have about certain careers.
The best myths to discuss are those that pertain to careers or career paths that you have considered in the past or are currently considering. Perhaps there is

a job that you have ruled out because of one piece of information that you have, and maybe that information isn’t true. Try to think of things you are interested in

when choosing which myths to write about.

Make sure you address the following topic in your paper:
• What are the myths that you have about the career(s)?
• How did you develop these myths? (for example, through friends, family, media, bad work experiences etc.)
• Have these myths changed your mind about going into a particular field?
• Have you found any of these myths to be true or false?

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