Unit VI “American History I”

Unit VI “American History I”
Unit VI
Hello Class,

This week, we’re looking at the Jacksonian Period which saw such rapid US growth – territorial as well as economic. We’ll also take a close look at both Manifest Destiny and the expansion of slavery.

We have two assignments. The first is a one-page (minimum of 300 words) outline. You’ll be writing about a famous American figure from the period of later colonization to the first 90 years of US History but are instructed NOT to select a US President. Be sure to include at least two potential sources. If you’ve never produced an outline before, see this page for information on who to draft one (page includes a sample outline):

Then you’ll proceed to the Unit VI Assessment. Again, for that, be thorough and, as always for any essay you produce in this class, include a citation or two.

Keep up the very good work. We’re heading into the final couple weeks of the class!


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