U2DB: Cultural Diversity

U2DB: Cultural Diversity
COURSE: Cultural Diversity
Unit: Prejudice and Discrimination
Deliverable Length: 4-5 Paragraphs

Assignment Details:
The 2008 Presidential election was an historic event. In this election, the United States voted in its first black president. Also, Sarah Palin became the first female vice presidential candidate for the GOP and Hilary Clinton was close to becoming the Democratic party’s presidential nominee. Many felt this shattered the glass ceiling.

In 4–5 paragraphs, discuss the following:

Was it really shattered during this election?
Do you think that the treatment of women and minorities is forever changed in the United States because of this election?
Decide whether you agree that the sociological theory of the glass ceiling is an actual or perceived barrier for women and minorities in today’s society.
Include the definition of the glass ceiling in your response.
Use the Internet and unit resources to complete this assignment, and be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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