U1IP: Cultural Diversity

U1IP: Cultural Diversity
COURSE: Cultural Diversity
Unit: Diversity Consciousness
Deliverable Length: 2-3 Pages

Assignment Details:

Choice 1:
You are having a debate in your class about the effectiveness of affirmative action programs today. Some of your classmates side with proponents for affirmative action saying that these programs are necessary to keep equality in the workplace and in academia. Some of you classmates believe that affirmative action is no longer needed today and it has reached it goal. They also note that affirmative action programs are unfair and that poverty may be more of a barrier today than one’s race, ethnicity, or gender. Research affirmative action programs. After you have looked at both the pros and cons to affirmative action present which side of the debate you would take and why.
Use the Internet and unit resources to complete this assignment.

Please submit your assignment.


Choice 2:
You have a new coworker at your office name Jorge who is from Central America. He is unfamiliar with American customs and claims that he is undergoing culture shock and needs your help with the adjustment. In 2-3 pages, define assimilation and present the pros and cons of Jorge assimilating fully into US culture. In addition, explain the relationship between language and culture and list some ways that Jorge can viably communicate with others in a multicultural society to help his integration into American society go smoothly.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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