Theory of fat cell development

The theory of fat cell development is: During periods of growth, such as the adolescent growth spurt, new adipose (fat) cells are created. Whenever we are in positive energy balance, adipose cells swell with triglycerides. During periods of negative energy balance, triglycerides are burned for energy and the fat cells shrink. However, once an adipose cell is created, it is never lost.
Imagine that you are appointed on a PBSC advisory committee to the mayor of West Palm Beach. Our job is to advise the city on specific ways to combat obesity in late childhood. You are aware that childhood obesity rates have increased dramatically over the last few decades. Serving sizes of everything from soda and juice to breads and muffins have increased as well. Children are exposed to intense marketing of sugary junk foods by the food industry. Furthermore, research shows that sugar in food has addictive qualities. Keeping the theory of fat cell development in mind, what specific measures would you recommend to the mayor to combat obesity in children?

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