Thematic Unit Lesson Plan

Thematic Unit Lesson Plan
Paper details:

Write a 2,800- to 3,500-word unit plan for English learners that incorporates biliteracy instruction across the curriculum. (use the SIOP lesson Plan for a first grade student but as you can see with my friends paper the topic was the same for every day but the activity changed, she did reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and an art activity along with a way to assess these activities.) This is supposed to be a thematic lesson Plan and I am uploading a friends paper just to look at ONLY not copy.

Relate to a content area such as science, math, or social studies.

Incorporate specific strategies to improve the biliteracy development of English learners within the content area.

Develop at least two types of assessments to evaluate biliteracy development of English learners.

Implement a biliteracy strategy and its assessment with English learners in your classroom or in a colleague’s classroom.

Prepare a 250-word reflection of the experience, incorporating a description of what was successful and what could be improved.

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