The National Early Warning Score(NEWS) A reflective account w

The National Early Warning Score(NEWS) A reflective account w
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Assignment Summary:
Using Driscoll’s model of reflection, you will demonstrate your understanding of risk assessment within your care environment and the impact of this on patient experience and safety. You will reflect on the development of your learning contract and the extent to which the learning outcomes identified in the contract have been achieved. Your reflection will include future learning needs that you have identified and how you will use the learning to develop as an Assistant Practitioner

Please note as this is a reflective assignment it can be written in the first person (“I”).
Learning Outcomes:
1. Use a risk assessment tool to demonstrate a way of maintaining and improving a safe environment within the workplace.
2. Investigates factors which impact positively and negatively upon the patient experience, within their workplace area.
3. Demonstrate the effect multi professional working has in relation to risk and risk assessment
4. Discuss the patient experience and articulate how the health care team can have a positive influence
5. Complete the required learning contract

The National Early
Warning Score(NEWS)
A reflective account
? Driscoll’s (2000) reflective model is a recognized framework to demonstrate my ability to reflect critical thought in theory to practical skills. Reflection is defined as process of explaining and expressing from one’s own experiences and helps to enable us to develop and improve our skills and knowledge towards becoming professional practitioners (Jasper, 2003).
? The National Early Warning Score(NEWS) developed by the Royal College of Physician (2012), is a standardized approach to assessment and critical illness.
? The NEWs is based on a simple system of allocating scores to vital signs parameters. this included respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, BP, pulsate, level of consciousness (National Patient Safety Agency(NPSA) ,2010)
? It is estimated that around 6000 people is saved by the NEWS every year in the UK.


? I am working in a geriatric dementia friendly ward.
? Regular observation and monitoring of the patients are very important in this clinical area as most of the patients are confused and disoriented due to their medical condition specifically dementia.
? One day when I was calculating NEWS of particular patient who seems to be unwell
? I have made a mistake in the total calculation. So, on re examination, the total NEWS score was not reflecting the status of the patient current condition. So I counter checked the observation of the patient again, calculated the NEWS thoroughly and noticed that the calculated score was not correct.
? On reflecting on the situation, I have realised that how important in calculating the NEWS to identify the deteriorating patient. Hence, I selected the NEWS as my specific area of interest that I needed to develop and more to enhance my clinical practice.
So what

? When I was examining the NEWS and realized that I made an error in the total calculation, which was not reflecting the patient condition
? I felt very disappointed and I was thinking about potential safety threat that; I could create to patient due my action.
? According to Gao at al, (2007) NEWS is for early recognition and identification of the patients who are at risk of deteriorating and ensuring that, they are receive prompt treatment with appropriate team.
? I was pleased to know that I was able to relies that, although, I made the error and I was able to identify early before creating any negative impact on patient safety.

Now what

? On analysing situation, learning about NEWS is an exciting opportunity for me to know more about its use and its impotence of maintaining patient safety.
? All staffs involved in caring for patients in acute hospital settings should have competency in monitoring, measurement, interpretation and prompt response (NICE,2007)
? I have learned, understood and confident that if a similar situation occurs, I will be more confident and will be able to assist patient to receive appropriate treatment.

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