The Cost of Quality

The Cost of Quality
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conduct a review of the literature in the subject area of Quality Management. Specifically, you are to identify the origins of the concept of the Cost of Quality and to chart its development up to the present day.

Following your review, you are to critically evaluate the relevance of The Cost of Quality to modern operations management.

You will be expected to illustrate your discussion with examples from the trade press and other authoritative sources.

1. Begin your discussion by defining the concept of the Cost of Quality.
(15% of word count)
2. Prepare a literature review, charting the development of the concept of The Cost of Quality from its inception until the present day.

Ensure that you include references to at least 10 peer-reviewed articles, including the 2012 paper by Fons that has been supplied. You may also find relevant reviews in the trade press and from other authoritative sources.
(45% of word count)

3. Critically review the assertion that “The Cost of Quality is as relevant today as it has ever been”. Ensure that your discussion presents both sides of the argument and is appropriately referenced.

Two articles have been provided to assist you, but these should not be the only sources that you cite.
(40% of word count)
Assessment Submission
Your assignment must be word processed and presented in a report format with simple sub-headings. The word count should be 2500 words±10% (tables, diagrams and appendices are excluded from the count).

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