Tattoos and Attractiveness-There is some evidence indicating

Tattoos and Attractiveness-There is some evidence indicating

Tattoos and Attractiveness

There is some evidence indicating that people with visible tattoos are viewed more negatively than people without visible tattoos. In a similar study a researcher first obtains overall ratings of attractiveness for a woman with no tattoos shown in a color photo. On a 7 point scale the woman receives an average rating of u= 4.9, and the distribution ratings of is normal with a standard deviation of o= 0.84. The researcher modifies the photo by adding a tattoo of a butterfly on the woman’s left arm. the modified photo is then shown to a sample of n=16 students at a local college, and the students use the same 7 point scale to rate the attractiveness of the woman. the average score for the photo with the tattoo is M=4.2

Do the data indicate a significant difference in rated attractiveness when the woman appeared to have a tattoo ? use the two tail test with o=.05

with z=______ there _____ a significant difference.

Compute Cohen’s d to measure the size of the effect. Round to three decimal places. ______

Describe the outcome of the hypothesis test, and the measure of effect size as it would appear in a research report.

The results _________that the presence of a tattoo_____a significant effect on the judged attractiveness of a woman_

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