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Subject Mathematics
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just answer some statistics questions, you do not need to write any thing, just answer
Final Exam • Spring 2017

[Note: For multiple guess questions, highlight the correct]

1. For a class of 40 students at VSU, a percentage measure can be used to present their
a. gender (etc. male and female)
b. races (White, Black, Hispanics, Asians, etc)
c. age (e.g. 20, 25, 30, etc)
d. all of the above

2. A local government uses “amount of property taxes generated per employee” to measure its effort in property tax collection, this measure is
a. an aggregate measure
b. an average measure
c. a percentage measure
d. a per capita measure

3. Which following is a measure of negative performance?
a. The number of serious crimes per 100,000 residents
b. Percentage of responses to medical emergencies under 4 minutes
c. The percentage of residents rating a city’s recreation services as “good” or “very good”
d. The percentage of residential road mileages classified as in “excellent” condition

4. A citizen survey was designed to assess residents’ satisfaction with a city’s services. The survey was conducted on a randomly selected sample of 1,004 residents two years ago, 1,025 last year, and 1,136 this year. The number of respondents who were satisfied with the services were 893 two years ago, 924 last year, and 935 this year. What is the growth rate of respondents who are satisfied with the services this year over last year?
a. 3.47 percent
b. 1.19 percent
c. 4.70 percent
d. 2.48 percent

5. The following series is 20 students’ final scores in a public administration analytical technique course: 80, 86, 89, 94, 93, 100, 82, 81, 91, 69, 75, 60, 57, 70, 83, 53, 76, 79, 87, 80. What is the median of the scores?
a. 80.50
b. 79.25
c. 80.00
d. 78.93

6. The following series is 20 students’ final scores in a public administration analytical technique course: 80, 86, 89, 94, 93, 100, 82, 81, 91, 69, 75, 60, 57, 70, 83, 53, 76, 79, 87, 80. If the scores are reported on a 100-point scale with “0 to 79” as the C grade, “80 to 89” as the B grade, and “90 or above” as the A grade, use Excel Histogram Procedure to calculate frequencies, percentages, and cumulative percentages of the grade categories. What is the percentage of students who get a C grade in the course?
a. 20 percent
b. 40 percent
c. 60 percent
d. 80 percent

7. Refer to the situation and the data in Q6. What is the cumulative percentage of the students who get either a B or a C grade?
a. 40 percent
b. 60 percent
c. 80 percent
d. 90 percent

8.Which following is a measure of performance variation?
a. the mean
b. the median
c. the mode
d. the standard deviation

9. A performance is considered more consistent when its
a.standard deviation is smaller
b. standard deviation is larger
c. mean is smaller
d. mean is larger

10. The value of a variance can NOT be
a. 2.000
b. 1.000
c. 0.000
d. – 1.000

11. In a suburban city, the average response time of emergency medical responses is 260 seconds with a standard deviation of 37 seconds. What is the z-score of a response of 165 seconds?
a. 1.96
b. – 1.96
c. 2.57
d. – 2.57

12. In creating a performance monitoring chart, a central line is often created, with two limits (the upper performance limit and the lower performance limit). For a performance variable, which following could be a measure for a central line?
a. the range
b. the standard deviation
c. the mean
d. the variance

13. Suppose that VSU students’ GPA scores (on a 4-point scale) are normally distributed with a mean of 2.50 and a standard deviation of 0.50, according to the empirical rule, about 95% of VSU students have GPA scores that falls between
a. 2.0 and 3.0
b. 1.5 and 3.5
c. 1.5 and 3.0
d. 1.0 and 4.0.

14. The numerical estimates from the sample are
a. parameters
b. statistics
c. probability
d. probability distribution

15. Dr. Wang estimates the average age of VSU students. He draws a sample of 250 students from 47,321 students currently enrolled at the university. The average age of these 250 students is
a. the sample mean
b. the population mean
c. the population standard deviation
d. the sample standard deviation

16. A city with a growing population is experiencing an increasing number of traffic violations. The police chief wants to develop a system to monitor the traffic situation to assign his limited staff resource more efficiently. One of his monitoring objectives is to have some sense of predictability for traffic violations. You are a performance analyst for the city, and you recommend the chief to analyze the variation of “the number of traffic violations” first. The following data are the “number of traffic violations” reported by the city’s police department last year: January: 143; February: 123; March: 98; April: 137; May: 126; June: 154; July: 163; August: 155; September: 123; October: 145; November: 93; December: 110. What is the range of the monthly “number of traffic violations” for the last year?
a. 163
b. 93
c. 85
d. 70

17. The following data are a sample of most urgent emergency medical response times from a local fire and rescue unit: 3.2 minutes, 2.5 minutes, 3.6 minutes, 3.4 minutes, 2.1 minutes, 3.2 minutes, 2.5 minutes, 3.4 minutes, 2.9 minutes, 3.3 minutes. To create a performance monitoring chart, you need to calculate the standard deviation of the sample. What is the sample standard deviation of the data?
a. 0.491
b. 0.983
c. 1.325
d. 3.010
18. What is the approximate t value for a 95 percent confidence interval with a large sample size (say n=1,200)? (You should know this from the reading. If you want a proof, use Excel TINV process to obtain the t value)
a. 1.96
b. 2.58
c. 3.60
d. 4.58

19. Which following most accurately describes the purpose of performance understanding?
a. to find out the causes of underperformance by developing the cause-and-effect performance relationship between the performance target and the causes of the underperformance
b. to find out the causes of underperformance by monitoring the performance target on a continual basis
c. to find out the causes of underperformance by describing the shape of the performance target
d. to find out the causes of underperformance by describing the trend of the performance target

20. In analyzing how the number of training hours may affect the response times of emergency response units in 24 emergency departments in a major metropolitan area, the dependent variable is
a. the response times
b. the number of training hours
c. the municipal emergency response unit
d. none of the above

21. Dr. Wang suspects that the student attendance rate may influence academic performance in his statistics class. The following raw data show the absence rate and the final class score of 15 students in the class.
Student 1 (absence=0 time, score=78), Student 2 (absence=1 time, score=92), Student 3 (absence=2 times, score=78), Student 4 (absence=2 times, score=88), Student 5 (absence=1 time, score=80), Student 6 (absence=0, score=95), Student 7 (absence=2 times, score=76), Student 8 (absence=1 time, score=97), Student 9 (absence=0, score=99), Student 10 (absence=2, score=81), Student 11 (absence=0, score=87), Student 12 (absence=1, score=92), Student 13 (absence =0, score=90), Student 14 (absence=1, score=94), Student 15 (absence=0, score=92).

Create an Excel worksheet to compare the means scores of different attendance groups. What conclusion should you draw?
a. The zero-time absence group has the best average score
b. The one-time absence group has the best average score
c. The two-time absence group has the best average score
d. The average scores of the zero-time absence group and the one-time absence group are equal
22. What is the reason for performance evaluation?
a. showcasing performance achievement
b. tracking performance trend
c. providing feedback for performance improvement
d. developing a baseline data for performance improvement

23. Name four basic types of breakouts.

24. What are three ways one can do comparisons?

25. What are four values of performance measurement:

26. Define and provides examples of a variable.

27. Describe both the independent and dependent variable.

28. What are the three measurement levels?

29. What is correlation?

30. What are the three frameworks of performance?

31. Performance variation is caused by:

32. What is the Empirical Rule?

33. What is the difference between the population and a sample?

34. What are the four forms of measure?

35. How do we measure trends?

36. What is organizational performance?

37. What are the three components of the Production Process?

38. What are three factors that affect performance?

39. What are the organizational capacities needed to carry out performance analysis on a regular basis?

40. Which following is an overarching theoretical framework that can guide the effort to understand causes of underperformance?
a. the central limited theorem
b. the context-design theory
c. the 6-sigma performance monitoring chart
d. the theory of performance comparison
41. Prepare a memo from the City Manager to the City Council on the following:

A citizen has come to your city council meeting complaining about the lack of inspections with rental property. Her observation is that the city is not keeping up with inspections and enforcement and wants to know what is going on. As city manager, you have directed your staff to prepare a report on the rental inspection program. At this point, you are primarily concerned with workload. You have two benchmarks: in the community adjacent to you (which is similar in population and housing conditions), they report that their inspectors conduct 47.5 inspections per week per inspector; that national average reported by the International City County Management Association is 45.5 inspections. On the attached spreadsheet is the housing inspection data for the past year. You have two inspectors assigned full-time to inspect these rental properties. How do your inspectors compare with the benchmarks? Write a two-page memo explaining your findings and present graphically the information that you believe to be pertinent to the city council and the citizen. You will note that several weeks have “outliers” in that the inspection production is far below what you believe to be the average of normal weeks. Explain the outliers (you can make up an answer) and determine whether you should include them in the overall data. Justify your reasoning in the report as well.

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