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Use Durkheim to discuss the chapter by Mark Weiner’s The Rule of the Clan and this author’s work to discuss Durkheim. Address the questions below in an essay format of 500-600 words. In discussing the reading by Weiner, you should try to apply Durkheim’s ideas to his work in as integrated a manner as you can. (For instance, this might include redescribing some aspects of Weiner’s work in terms Durkheim might have used.)
Much of Durkheim’s Division of Labor in Society concerns the moral life of a social grouping. He discusses two different types of society which are distinguished by the different kinds of social bonds that hold them together (mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity). Part of this discussion of social solidarity involves the shared values and social norms governing what is widely considered right and wrong or just and unjust (collective consciousness).
a) Briefly describe how Durkheim theory of moral and legal change.What are the moral and legal characteristics of the two kinds of society? How does the division of labor which grows more complex with the population affect the moral life of a society? How does it lead from one form of solidarity to another?
b) Use Durkheim’s theory to interpret the article the chapter by Mark Weiner, “Individualism’s Paradox” from The Rule of the Clan.What features of the social life of liberal societies versus those of clan societies mentioned in the chapter would Durkheim point to as relevant for illustrating his ideas in the Division of Labor in Society? How would he characterize the societies Weiner talks about? How well does Weiner’s book fit with Durkheim’s theories? Why?

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