sketch of a car accident

Motor Vehicle Crash Exercise
March 4, 2017
MyDietAnalysis Project Part IV
March 4, 2017

sketch of a car accident

Draw a sketch of a car accident using the following information.

Main St runs in an east to west direction across the city. State Ave runs in a north to south direction. The road to the immediate east of State Ave is Mascot Ave. Car

#1, a red Toyota Tacoma was traveling east bound on Main St. Car # 2, a blue Honda Civic was traveling north bound on State Ave. Car #1 failed to obey the traffic

signal at the intersection of Main St and State Ave. Car #2 was struck by Car #1 as it crossed the intersection. The point of impact is the front driver’s side of Car

#2 by the front of Car #1. The cars came to rest east of Main St between State Ave and Mascot Ave. Car # 1 was facing in the east direction, and car #2 was sitting

across the roadway partially blocking both lanes of traffic. The front of the car was facing the South.

please see upload file for instructions.

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