Resources and Script

Resources and Script
Resources: Prepare a script of an interview with a problem client write the script out as a Questionier. You as the interviewer asking a problem client the questions you as a team develop.
Summarize a potential problem client write 750 to 1050 word summary of the potential clients and their problems.
Identify at least four resources for the human service worker to find tools or support to address the problems and the client.
Createthe paper as though it is representative of a client and human services worker conversation in which the risk of a dual relationship exists. (Each team member must submit at least 4-5 sentences) as part of the script. Write the questions out as a Questionier that Human service workers would use to conduct a needs assessment.
Demonstratehow the client may test the boundaries and demonstrate how the human services worker may create appropriate boundaries in the dialogue.
Format your paper should be consistent with APA guidelines to support the summary portion of the assignment.

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300 words
Submit at least 4-5 sentences as part of the script

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