Reply To Other Student In Your Words

Reply To Other Student In Your Words

1: It’s crazy to think now how valuable it is to have technology. We depend on our phones, social media for events, networking for careers and even sitting at a dinner table tweeting. I remember as a child, we didn’t have all of these options. We had to use pay phones and if we couldn’t’ find someone, we were out of luck. Now, technology is a weapon. I know when my kids act out I use that as a way to punish them. God forbid I take their phone away or better yet, their charger!! It’s also become a fixation. Now donut get me wrong, not everyone uses social media for the wrong reasons, however, social media has caused alot of main issues in everyday life and has dramatically changed lives from good to bad. What’s next? I hear talk of robots. It’s so unreal but this is the reality of it all. Even I find myself on my phone more than average because I even need it. I don’t have social media, but I’ve had it, and I know what it does to me. It’s just crazy how much this world has changed.


2:Do you feel that the use of certain forms of communication such as email and text messages have made the resulting messages less professional and less grammatically correct?


3:Good business communication is essential for building a team that will make a business a success. In order to have a good team, a good leader is essential. The leader must be able to communicate well with every member that is involved in the business in order to convey to each employee their jobs and expectations. A leader that communicates well creates a team that performs well in all departments. Good communication also prevents misunderstandings among people in the workplace making some feel out place which in turn hinders productivity. When members of a company communicate efficiently, a positive atmosphere is created making it easier to solve internal problems.


4:Mobile technologies has allowed people to stay in touch and up to date everywhere they go. Now with cloud storage, you truly can access all work or personal information from any device anywhere. Being constantly connective is good for business but can make defining the boundaries between work and personal life and time difficult. I know I’ve fallen victim to that. I got home from work and hop on the computer to access my work computer remotely to finish up something. After a short time of doings so, I started feeling overwhelmed and had a hard time shutting down. Overall, I think it effected my work negatively because I didn’t give myself a chance to relax and not think about it to come in to work the next day refreshed.

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