Removing Vagueness and Ambiguity

Removing Vagueness and Ambiguity prephrase them to eliminate the vagueness and ambiguity 400- to 600 word response in which you. • Provide your rewritten examples. • Describe the relationship between critical thinking and clear writing. Sample 1 Critical thinking is a way of thinking that is learned but, should also be something that comes to mind as a unconscious response after a bit of time. When in college it is taught students. The reason for this is because helps to build life skills. If a person cannot think critically then they will probably have personally and professionally problems. Sample 2 The online course helps me in a lot of ways. I can use all kinds of resources. The place in the library offer tutorials in all different areas, Microsoft Word, Excel and other tutorials. Also, there is services, that offers technical support, tutoring, library help, and then there are financial aid and academic advising. The library section offers help in finding books, journal articles and more. There is even places in math, writing and technical.

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