Position Arguments on Immigration

Position Arguments on ImmigrationWriting Project #2–Position Arguments on Immigration

For this assignment, we will be considering the topic of Immigration as presented and discussed in the readings from Chapter 4. Identify one or more of the issue questions that the authors we’ve read in Chapter 4 seem to be addressing in their work–recall the activities we’ve had online and in-class to help define these issues. Review Chapter 2 for more on issue questions; generally, these are the questions to which writers respond with a claim supported by reasons. In your essays, you will be responding to an issue question that is a more narrow “sub-topic” of the broader topic of immigration. It is up to you to identify and define the issue question that will be the subject of your essays.

Your job in this assignment is to explore an issue question from two differing, perhaps even directly opposing, points of view. These will be two brief arguments of about 3-4 pages in length each (double-spaced, 12 pt Times font). Working to see multiple sides of an argument, taking into consideration the needs of different audiences, will help you become a better defender of your own position.

Review pp. 51-58 in the Global Issues, Local Arguments textbook on “Writing an Argument.” Within this section you will find a student’s informal writing to explore an issue question, and you should also focus on the box labelled “Strategies for Exploring an Issue From Multiple Perspectives” and follow the four (4) steps there to begin your drafts. Plan on taking the time necessary to explore your positions in writing in the early stages of your writing process; this crucial step will help you generate material from both perspectives necessary for your essays.

Since the assigned reading in Chapter 4 focuses on the topic of immigration from multiple perspectives, you should plan on drawing from these sources to support and develop your arguments. Review the articles closely, analyze them rhetorically to understand the arguments in greater detail, and choose accordingly for your argument. Please be sure to cite your sources, according to MLA style, in your work.
Please use 2-3 quotations from the list in my upload files.

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