piping in an Aeroponics system

piping in an Aeroponics system
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we are doing a project which is an aeroponics growing system. I should write about the pipes which connects the pump and the sprinklers that provides the water and nutrients to the plants’ roots. they are a pvc pipes. I will use two elbow connecters and two T connecters to connect them.

here are the instructions of what you should write specifically
Prototype Subsystem description
a. Subsystem function.
b. Fundamental technology that it uses.
• Need to reference authoritative sources when describing the technology. (the technology we are using is the pump that is connected to the pipes to pump the nutrients)
• And…make sure to give a “layman” definition of your technology!
c. Physical properties [I.e. dimensions, material type, specifications, weight, etc.]
material type:PVC
dimentions: 3 pipes of 23 cm length. One pipe of 40 cm (the one that is connected to the pump), and three pipes of 20 cm that are connected to the sprinklers,
d. How is it built?
e. What are its interfaces, and how does your design handle each one? ( talk about the sprinklers and the pump)
f. Proof that your subsystem will work. Include either or both of:
• Test results and cost [table and text]. Include summary of your test design.
• Research and analysis that demonstrates without doubt that it will function as you claim.
g. Full scale, final production considerations [required modifications, materials, interfaces, etc]
4. References
• Minimum of 3 scholarly and authoritative references with citations in text [IEEE format].

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