Essay Outline

A success academic essay has several elements. These elements are important as they feature essential factors that must be completed for an essay to score high marks. They enable a student to organize thoughts and get the essay underway. The elements can be put together in an outline which will be used as a guidance when composing the essay.

Elements to be included in an Essay Outline

An introduction is an important element for any paper. It starts out by describing broad factors relating to the topic, before it narrows down to more specific facts and eventually concluding with a thesis statement. It is through the introduction that the writer has the opportunity of catching the attention of readers and making them have an idea of what the paper will be about.

A thesis refers to the last statement in an introduction which specifies exactly what the paper will be about. It must be clear and concise, preferably in a sentence or two.

Body paragraphs of the essay must be at least three, all of which must feature arguments, evidence to support the arguments, and topics that are in line with the thesis made.

Topic sentences that are included in each body paragraph are also very important. These introduce each paragraph, and must also be relative to the thesis.

The evidence to support the thesis may be arguments, data, facts, analysis, quotes, examples, and so on. It is important to consider a rule of thumb that each topic sentence must be supported by three sentences.

Transitions are also important elements as they show connections between one paragraph and what follows next. This can either be included in the final sentence of a paragraph or the topic sentence of the next.

Finally, a conclusion is a must have as it summarizes what the essay will be about. At, we have what it takes to prepare your essay outline for you, hence making it easier for you to prepare a high quality paper.

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