Perspective narrative paper

Approximately 400 words that picks a debate within the feminist community and lay out each side’s argument. Divide the assignment into 2 sections—dedicate the 300 words to each side of the argument. You may pick from the following:

  1. Porn: Empowerment or Objectification
  2. Islamic Veiling and Unveiling: Liberating or Oppressive
  3. Beyoncé: Feminist Icon or Anti-feminist
  4. Marriage: Apart of a patriarchal system or right for all
  5. Breast Feeding in Public or Private
  6. A topic of your choice that must get approval by your GA


These topics have not been answered easily by feminists and therefore have created large debates. You must support your arguments by using at least TWO (2) course readings and any outside readings, blogs, et cetera that you find (but MUST cited). In the concluding paragraph, briefly explain which side of the argument you fall more within and why.


Text book

  • Women in Culture: An Intersectional Anthology for Gender and Women’s Studies. Second Edition. Edited by Bonnie Kime Scott, Susan E. Cayleff, Anne Donadey and Irene Lara. 2017. (Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition)
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