ow various authors approach these important rewriting processes.

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March 4, 2017
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March 4, 2017

Good Writing is Rewriting
So far, you have written one essay for this English Composition II course. Hopefully, you revised and edited the essay prior to turning it in for a grade. The intent
behind this discussion is for everyone to understand that the first draft should not be the final draft. The links below discuss the importance of editing and revising
and how various authors approach these important rewriting processes. Access the links below, read/watch the information contained in them and then post a discussion
on a topic related to the rewriting process learned in one of the following links. You are not limited by these sources; you are free to use an alternate source to
discuss the topic of rewriting, just be sure to properly cite and reference any source you use.

True Writing is Rewriting
Revising Drafts
‘My Pencils Outlast Their Erasers’: Great Writers on the Art of Revision
Revising and Editing

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