“Outliers:The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell (((Not Title & No Cover Page!!!)))

“Outliers:The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell (((Not Title & No Cover Page!!!)))
Paper details:

This paper will count as two major essays. Therefore, it will be of extended length: at least 1200 words. It will consist of several parts (percentages given indicate the amount of the paper which should be given to each section.) Note: Do NOT use subject headings in your essay. Use topic sentences when moving from one topic to the next:

Introduction (10%): A BRIEF summary of the book, covering the main points discussed, its seeming purpose, and one or two ideas you see as most significant.

Author Information (10%): Present information about the author which shows his/her credibility regarding the topic. This will require a little research.

Connections (60%): Present ideas you find in the book which coincide with, or contradict, ideas we have read in class this semester. Also, present connections you make between the book and some aspects of your own life. (You MUST find connections with at least two of the readings, in some way. Spend more of your paper on those than on your personal connection(s). It’s really important to develop this part of your paper with a lot of details. Note that it comprises 60 percent of your paper!

Criticism and Recommendations (10%): Try to find some published criticism about the book made by professional book reviewers (not by casual readers on the internet or at Amazon.com, for example). You should go to the library to find this. By the way, criticism does not just mean negative things someone says, but anything a reviewer says. What does the criticism say about the validity, style, or interest level of the book? Then discuss your own critical feelings about the book (same criteria as above), and tell whether you recommend the book, to whom, and why or why not.

Conclusion (10%): Discuss your feelings/ideas about having to read this book for the class, and anything else you wish to say about the book, its topic, or the experience of reading it. Also, discuss how you might be able to apply what you have read to your own life.

Final Draft Due: Midnight, Thursday, May 19th.
No late papers will be accepted!

General Requirements: Send pasted into an email. Must have a title (not the title of the book itself!). Must be double spaced. Remember to use italics for book titles and quotation marks around titles of essays, stories, and poems. Do not use topic headings. Instead, use topic sentences and clear transitions that clearly indicate the topics of the sections. When quoting, use quotation marks correctly, according to the handout on citation. Try to avoid having too many quotes; paraphrase instead, as much as possible, using direct quotes only to make a point about the language used by an author. Use present tense when discussing what an article says. Refer to essays, stories, and poems with the titles and authors. Do not cite page numbers or use footnotes. Make citations within the body of the essay.

Follow the instructions in the assignment carefully! Since this is a course in college level reading, being able to do this is required!
“Outliers:The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell

The CONNECTIONS (60%) part, a short article “Saudis in Bikinis” Nicholas Kristof to coincide or contradict

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