Dissertation Format

As part of studies, students will also find that there comes a time when they are required to craft their dissertations. To do so effectively, they will need to have an understanding of dissertation format, otherwise the paper will be confusing and poorly arranged thereby leading to extremely low marks. It is important that a dissertation flows swiftly so that the instructor will note a link from chapter to chapter. Most students who are working on a dissertation for the first time will have trouble coming up with the best paper. This is why at Popularessaywriters.com, we offer dissertation writing services that will satisfy the needs of customers. Our writers are well conversant with the required dissertation format, and they are also aware of how they can ensure chapters are linked to each other.

The paper format of a dissertation mainly features;

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • The chapters
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

This structure tends to differ depending on areas of study such as arts, humanities, technology and social sciences among many others. Our professional writers at Popularessaywriters.com understand the fact that most universities use multiple chapter format as discussed below;


The introduction needs to captivating and professional. It needs to introduce the audience to the content of the paper. Most students tend to leave out the scope and significance of the study, which are very important in ensuring high marks for the paper.

Literature Review

This is an important area to include as it plays an important role in identifying previous scholarly works relating to the topic of study, hence taking note of a gap that now needs to be filled.


Here, the research design is explained, as well as the reason behind the chosen methodology.


Here, the findings of the whole dissertation is discussed before using them to come up with a conclusion.

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