Organism of the genotype

An organism of the genotype AaBbCc was testcrossed to a triply recessive organism (aabbcc). The genotypes of the progeny are presented in the following table.

5 AaBbCc 5 AaBbcc
5 aabbCc 5 aabbcc
20 AabbCc 20 Aabbcc
20 aaBbCc 20 aaBbcc

I need help with Part C and D

A) If these three genes were all assorting independently, how many genotypic and phenotypic classes would result in the offspring, and in what proportion, assuming simple dominance and recessiveness in each gene pair? 8, 1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1

B) Answer part (a) again, assuming the three genes are so tightly linked on a single chromosome that no crossover gametes were recovered in the sample of offspring. 2, 1:1

C) What can you conclude from the actual data about the location of the three genes in relation to one another?

D) How far apart are the linked genes?

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