Organisational Psychology

Organisational PsychologyOrder Description
• The Individual Component
o Full guidance will be given during the dedicated assignment tutorial
o A template will be offered as guidance
o The report has a number of sections:
• Front cover
• Contents page
• Executive summary
• Review of the literature
• Conclusions
• Recommendations
• Bibliography
o The word count of 2000 +/- 10% is made up of:
• Review of the literature
• Conclusions
• Recommendations
• You are required to research the subjects of selection and assessment and management competencies (presented in the review of the literature). You are expected to present a critique of the literature on assessment tests and methods in the context of predicting future job performance.
• You are then expected to choose three management competencies that you deem important in the selection of a graduate trainee manager. You will then develop two Key Behaviours for each competency. These will then be linked to the various assessment in the recommendations section.

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