Only Bid If You Can Meet Budget –

Only Bid If You Can Meet Budget –

250 words each question with one reference including in-text citation. Use valid resources in APA format.


Question 1

Digital technology, including new software developments is essential for many organizations to function in the modern world. Although there is a variety of technology available, there does not seem to be an industry standard. Select what you feel are the two most important elements of the seven major components of IT infrastructure and discuss what role each component serves and why it is important.

Then look at the components that your fellow students have selected and provide some constructive criticism as to why you might feel that the two component you selected might be a bit more important. Don’t be afraid to debate back and forth with your fellow students in a professional way.


Question 2

Effective training and development hinges on having knowledge of what needs are critical to enhancing organizational performance. As a result of budget limitations and the need for cost-effective solutions, it is of critical importance that training resources are targeted accurately to eliminate waste and inefficiency in spending. Therefore, trainers should know which approach to TNA is most effective in ensuring that resources are channeled into areas where they contribute the most to employee development, morale, and organizational performance.

Explain the differences between proactive and reactive TNA. List and describe an example of each approach.

Describe circumstances under which one approach would be used over the other?

Evaluate each TNA approach and explain how the use of either approach could help to maximize a trainee’s learning ability?

How does the organization benefit from using a TNA approach?

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