Nutritional Advice in Sport

Topic: Nutritional Advice in Sport
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There are two parts to the paper. It is about sport and nutrition.

Part 1, 1800 words: you must write a report on the nutritional aspects that you identify as being important to the performance of a client of your choice. You must describe the client for whom you will be supplying nutritional advice for and also write a report that explains and justifies the nutritional recommendations for your client.

200 words
1.You must choose a client – either yourself or someone imaginary.

2. Describe the client –
• sport/fitness activity they are involved in,
• their frequency and intensity of training;
• age,
• gender,
• height,
• weight
• why nutritional advice may be of value to them

3.You can choose to provide this information is a table or list of bullet points but you must included a brief paragraph on why nutritional advice may be of value to them.

1600 words
You must consider:

1.the energy systems that are utilised in the activity and nutritional implications (10 marks)

2.their requirements for each macronutrient (including preferential sources, roles, energy requirements and recommended percentage intake) (25 marks)

3.specific pre- and post-exercise nutrition (20 marks).

When writing this part, it is important that you make the information you provide specific to the needs of your client.

Advice on pre- and post-exercise nutrition must be specific to your client. You may wish to consider:

¥ when to consume food
¥ the macronutrient content of meals
¥ giving actual suggestions for meals
¥ advice on hydration and rehydration.

In part 2: you will select one field from the list supplied and explain the extent to which the 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Games has or has not contributed to development in that field. (sport in schools, women’s sport or disability sport). 1200 words.

You need to explain if there have been any developments in the field as a result of the Olympics/Paralympics.

‘Development’ can relate to organizational, policy and/or public profile changes; also, it may relate to a growth in the popularity of or participation in a field. It is up to you to focus on one or two aspects rather than trying to cover all of organisation, policy, public profile and popularity/participation changes; the main thing is to develop an evidence-based discussion.

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