Moral Courage and the Administrator’s Responsibilities

Moral Courage and the Administrator’s Responsibilities Discussion Take the ACHE Ethics Self-Assessment Bring to mind the kind of organization for which you hope to work as an administrator. To whom would you be responsible-for example, to patients, the governing board, the Joint Commission, the CEO, the staff, the community, your own conscience? What are the legal and ethical issues that could arise when these duties conflict? Think of an example of apparently conflicting obligations that would pose a challenge to you. 1) to whom and for whom is an administrator responsible? 2) Why is moral courage important for an administrator, particularly in the face of conflict? 3) Briefly describe a scenario in which an administrator’s legal and ethical responsibilities might conflict, and moral courage is needed. What would you do in that situation, and why? 4) what do you expect the effect on others would be by your demonstrating ethical and legal behavior and showing moral courage?

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