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BCO115 Microeconomics Task brief & rubrics


Microeconomics Summative Assignment

BCO 115 Microeconomics

Assignment: The assignment is worth 30% of your marks for this course

Deadline and submission: Your assignment must be submitted via Turnitin on Moodle before 23:59 on Monday 9thDecember2019

Word count: Your report should be completed on Microsoft Word and should be between 1,000 and 1,250 words excluding references.

Title: “With reference to the theories covered in class and with the use of wider research that involves the referencing of data, you must complete an essay, which analyses and evaluates the reasons for changes in the price of one of the 5 following goods:

1) Crude oil in 2019.

2) Housing market in Barcelona 2015-2019

3) Gold in 2017-2019

4) Whisky market 2014-2019

5) Housing Market in Spain 2007-2015

In your answer you should explain what has happened to prices of the good you have chosen over the time period stated. You should consider the role of supply and demand and provide a diagramatic explanation, using supply and demand curves for the changes in the prices of the good, you should refer to the elasticity of supply and demand of the good, the market structure of the good and specifically if there are any cartels/price fixing activities in the industry effecting the price changes discussed. You should use these relevant theories in your answer but you should also refer to data where relevant too. All work should be fully referenced, using the Harvard referencing system. This essay should be completed by you individually, it is not a group assignment.”

Use of data, evidence, theories and referencing: You are expected to, in this assignment, make use of data, evidence, theories and topics taught on your course and to fully reference your work using Harvard referencing.




Supply Demand model used correctly


Verbal explanations are complete, clear and backed with relevant data


Conclusions are clear, and logical


Harvard referencing system used


Essay is in required word range (1000, 1250 words)


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