MGMT 2125 – A comparative measurement systems

MGMT 2125 – A comparative measurement systems

A comparative measurement systems that may be used is


paired comparison

behavioral checklists

graphic rating scales
In forced distribution comparison method

explicit comparisons are made between all pairs of employees to be evaluated

employees are apportioned according to an approximately normal distribution

employees are simply randked from best performer to worst performer

none of the above
Major components of appraisal forms include

basic employee information, major achievements and contributions,developmental needs, employee comments and signatures

accountabilities, objectives, standards, major achievements, developmental achievements

stakeholder input, job descriptions, and basic employee information

A & B

All of the above
Differentiating competencies

are those that everyone needs to display to do the job to a minimally adequate standard

improve the level of managerial effectiveness

are those that allow us to distinguish between average and superior performers

develop leadership development process and training programs
System inauguration involves

the employee’s assessment of themselves.

both the perspective of the supervisor and the employee.

a discussion any compensation changes that will result as a consequence of the periods performance.

a discussion of how the system works and the identification of the requirements and responsibilities resting primarily on the employee and the supervisor.

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