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Assignment Task

Complete the following:


The concepts of novice and expert were covered in a highly influential book by Patricia Brenner, From Novice to Expert (1984). More contempoary work is offered by Collins and Evans (2008) in their book Rethinking Expertise. The implication is that through acting as a reflective practitioner and building on content expertise, one can move from novice to expert in relation to professional practice. Using seminal and contemporary thinking on learning and expertise development do the following: Decribe a particular context in which individuals develop from novice to expert. Give a grounded account of the theories that apply to a particular contextual environment. Detail teaching strategies and or instructional strategies that are central to the building of expertise in this context. Remember to detail how the important processes within the theories you deploy apply to the learners, their relevant learning and the role that motivation plays. Ensure that you provide a critical review of the chosen perspective on developing expertise.

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