Managing the analysis of secondary data

Managing the analysis of secondary dataOrder Description
This is an ILM assisgnment.
• Identify a research topic which is relevant to the organisation (8 marks)
My organisation is called communisis a print and mailing company in the UK

• Collect secondary data from a wide range of academic, official and commercial sources, ensuring that all sources are acknowledged (24 marks)
• Analyse collected data to judge its relevance and validity, make deductions, and draw conclusions (24 marks)

• Lead a group discussion on the findings from own analysis (12 marks)
This is a made up meeting I would have at work.

Evaluate the outcomes from the group discussion of the data analysis (12 marks)
• Review the effectiveness of the research activity against the objectives set (12 marks)
• Prepare and justify a self-development plan to improve own performance when managing research activities (8 marks)

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