managing complex projects unit7_bh

managing complex projects unit7_bhAs the general manager of a large contracting firm, it is your responsibility to hire employees who will positively contribute to the organization. Recently, your project manager of the past 20 years, who has been both reputable and trustworthy, retired from the position. As such, you need to hire a project manager who can immediately contribute to the organization and would be able to fulfill the role right away with minimal training.

For this assignment, you are to create a job posting for the position of project manager at your company to which, hypothetically, people would apply. This posting should contain the following areas:

1. Job description

2. Responsibilities of the position

3. Necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities

4. General qualifications

5. Education and/or experience

Since there is no general standard for the length of a job description, it should be as thorough as possible, at least two pages of material. 2 references within 5 years

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