January 11, 2017
January 11, 2017


Your proposal should address all parts of each section below. Completeness, persuasiveness, clarity, coherence and correctness of your written presentation will be considered in the grading, so please plan, draft, edit, and proofread before submitting your formal Proposal for approval and grading.

The minimum length is two full typed, double spaced pages; however, your Proposal should be as long as it needs to be to describe your project and strategy in some detail and include discussion of all parts of the four of the topics listed below. Remember, you are only doing the proposal and the annotated bibliography, so show me the research and the plan.

Proposals must be formatted according to MLA standards.

I. Introduce your Research Topic and describe its Projected Value
? Introduce the topic and explain why you have chosen it – the source of its interest or importance for you. Describe what you anticipate to be the value of your project–for others, as well as yourself. Write your proposal for a general, uninformed audience. (In your discussion you may wish to answer these kinds of questions: Why is this project of interest to you and worth doing? What do you hope to gain from it? How do you think you and others would be able to use or benefit from your research findings?)

II. State your Leading Research Question and Working Hypothesis
? State the leading Research Question that you propose to pursue for your research project: in this statement make clear what the specific work from the Middle Ages is that your proposed presentation would cover.
? State your Working Hypothesis?that is, would this (proposed) presentation focus on and explain to the class ? based on your research

III. Describe your Research Strategy
? Your goal is to convince readers of your Proposal that you have a well-defined point of departure for your project and a clear sense of direction as you launch into your research in earnest, supported by substantial, promising exploratory research and serious preliminary thinking and reading about your topic.
? What do you need to find out through your research? Provide an organized list of the important questions raised by your topic, key terms and concepts to be defined and explained. Organize topics which you plan to explore in the research and proposed presentation. List questions and assumptions should be grouped or organized logically into related categories and major lines of inquiry relevant to and which should be logically supportive of your research and thesis. Demonstrate that you have already conducted thorough and thoughtful exploratory research, reading, and thinking on your topic?i.e., you know enough about your topic focus now to frame good questions and recognize major lines of inquiry.
? How and where will you look for answers? [Don’t just respond, “In the library” or “online.”] In this section of your Project Proposal, identify the key search terms–subject headings and key words–which define your investigation and which you will use to find sources on your topic. Explain your own hunches and ideas, and any other useful resources, describe further plans you have formulated for finding the necessary sources and evidence for your research project, and answers to your research questions.
? Use MLA format.
IV. List Sources Already Consulted in Your Exploratory Research
? List at least five sources already consulted during your exploratory research.

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