Land and Environment Court in the New South Wales.

Length:1,000 words
You can undertake the assignment in a group of 3 students
Assignment topic: Selection of project for Major Assignment
Description: Select a development application that has been determined (ie, approved, refused or abandoned) and explain the main areas of controversy involved. It is best to select an application that was problematic or controversial in some way. It could be an application that was determined in the Land and Environment Court in the New South Wales.
It is recommended that you select a project from your local area. You should avoid “mega-projects”. The sheer size of the documentation will limit your ability to provide a coherent description of the DA in the major assignment. For instance, State Significant projects, like a new hospital, are difficult to describe in 3,000 words in the major assignment. Alternatively, a smaller project like an awning or a garage may not contain sufficient content for your final assignment (2,000 words).
You may use private sources such as work, family and friends to find a project. Alternately you may select a project via reports in the local media or on the internet. You can use only publicly available information and are not to infringe the privacy of anyone involved in the selected project. Make sure that you do not use any material that is Commercial-in-Confidence or matters that are currently before the courts (Subjudice).
Content: Explain briefly the nature of the project that you intend to study and why you have chosen it. What do you hope to learn from studying this project?
As a guide, your submission should include the following:
1)  Zoning of the site (Permissibility):
2)  Any relevant Local Environmental Plans:
3)  Any potential State Environmental Planning Policies or Regional Environmental Plans
(applicable to the site):
4)  Any relevant Development Control Plans and Council Policies (applicable to the determined
Development Application).
5)  Any interests of public authorities (eg. Sydney Water, etc.) in this development
You are expected to list specific clauses of each of the planning instruments and discuss their relationship to the proposed development.

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