Lab and assignment

Lab and assignment
Text Book: Tokheirn, Roger. (2013). Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications, 8th Ed. New York, NY: McGreaw-Hill. ISBN: 9780073373775

Lab “Counters”

Pikidern Design and Lab


1. Using Multisim construct the circuit in Fig. 8-23, pg. 282 of Digital Electronics Principles and Applications.

2. Capture screenshots that verify the function of the circuit and paste into a Word document entitled “Lab3_StudentID”.

3. Answer all parts of question #11 on page 299

Assignment “Shift Registers”

Modern Digital Design and Lab

Shift Registers

Complete the following odd-numbered problems from Chapter 9 on pages 325 – 326.

• 1 – 17: Answer ALL odd-numbered questions.

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