Intervention Strategies to Support Your Program

Topic: Intervention Strategies to Support Your ProgramOrder Description
Submit a 2- to 3-page essay, “Section 4: Support Strategies” of your Implementation Toolkit, that includes the following information:

Describe two or more specific interventions you would provide, based on a specific “Level of Use” and “Stage of Concern,” to support the continued improvement and implementation of a new practice
Explain the role of your school principal, families, and the school or district community in supporting the change initiative
Reflect on benefits and challenges of collaborating with your Learning Team
Include at least three glossary terms related to this week’s learning about support strategies and interventions. Be sure to include definitions in your own words for each
This week you learned about various strategies and interventions that can be used by change facilitators to support the implementation of professional development. You also learned that you cannot do this alone and a very important person in the change effort is the school principal. If possible, take this opportunity to involve the principal in your school-based team meeting this week. Read through the instructions below and prepare accordingly.

Meet with your Learning Team and engage in the following activity related to your professional development program:

Brainstorm intervention strategies to support various “Levels of Use” and “Stages of Concern”
Invite the principal and/or discuss with your Learning Team what the principal’s role is in supporting your program
Determine how you will communicate externally to families and your school or district community about the change to let them know about its potential value and positive impact. How will you enlist support during implementation?

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