Innovation assignment report – Barclays Bank Plc

Innovation assignment report – Barclays Bank Plc
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Innovation assignment – Barclays Bank Plc
Format: Report
• Critically review innovation processes of designated company?
• Apply topics, theories, and models developed in class and reading list
• Develop proposal to improve innovation management

Individual Project- Innovation Management
You have secured a prestigious placement as an innovation consultant with a major multi-national company which is facing major challenges in the increasingly complex business world to deliver cutting edge products and services. The company is chosen from a pre-agreed list of companies.
You are to investigate the innovation process for the company and develop a report for your findings. In the report, you need to review and evaluate critically specific aspects of innovation by discussing them in relation to topics, theories, models and case studies developed in lectures and further reading.
The report should review the company in depth including its organisation and strategy related to innovation management before developing evidence to support recommendations for proposed changes to the innovation processes. The evidence will be developed by discussing, analysing and evaluating potential problems, potential solutions, and potential hurdles to the proposed changes. Based on your report, management may accept the recommendations and propose changes to the board of directors.
The designated companies are seeking your help. I choose
Barclays Bank Plc
Has Burberry gone out of fashion? What is the balance between creative forces and business?

Marking criteria:
• Innovation Theory 20%
• Innovation Organisation 20%
• Innovation Strategy 20%
• Recommendation 30%
• Style & Presentation 10%
(upload 3 innovation theory ppt, 3 innovation organization ppt, 3 innovation strategy ppt)

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