How poverty effects areas such as housing and quality food

analyzing the relationship between water rights and other institutions of society, politics, and economics. What is the historical origin of the current issues and problems in these three areas with respect to water rights?
March 4, 2017
Why did the Church split into the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church in 1054? What caused the division between Protestants and Roman Catholics in 1517?
March 4, 2017

APA Format
Topic- Researchers have documented the physical impacts of poverty, including issues of access to quality food and availability of safe housing. In addition to the physical impact, poverty can also have a long-lasting social impact on the community and each individual. Argue whether or not socioeconomic status affects an individual’s ability to be socially mobile and provide evidence to support your position.

Opinion- I believe poverty has is a strong influence to communities and individual social needs. I plan to explain how poverty effects areas such as housing and quality food which makes an impact on both the community and the individual.

Parts- Communities struggle to provide safe housing in low income neighborhoods. Neighborhoods in these communities are often filled with crime and kids struggle with receiving a proper education because of the negative influences. The people in these neighborhoods struggle for employment which leads to receiving benefits for food and other needs. They are not provided ample and quality amounts of nutrition.

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