How does the media depict the different types of criminals

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March 4, 2017
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March 4, 2017

Examining Differences
In this module, we examined crimes against persons, crimes against property, and white-collar crimes. These crimes are all treated differently by the legislature as well as the media. These differences are a reflection of how society views them. As you consider these differences, you should also consider how these differences have evolved over time.


Prepare a 800 words report that describes all of the following points:

The differences in the treatment of each type of crime by the legislature. Explore the different crime levels (misdemeanor vs. felony) and different punishments.

The differences in the descriptions utilized by the media. How does the media depict the different types of criminals? Have there been any changes?

The differences in the theoretical applications for these types of crimes. How do the theories differentiate between these types of criminal behavior?

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