Healthcare reform

Healthcare reform
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Research: A Researchable Question

Health care reform

To keep your search focused and efficient, you should work toward “drilling down” to a focused and detailed set of questions that your presentation will answer. Remember you are writing a paper, not a book, so keep your focus narrow. Complete the chart by:

Deciding on a topic by conducting some preliminary research into laws and US court cases.
Write your main research question [Sample: Does playing violent video games lead to violent behavior?] Make sure it is broad enough to write a paper on it.
Get at least three sources related to your topic, read the material, and generate specific questions. (Keep careful track of your sources because you may wish to use them to write the paper.)
Write and answer to your question based on what you know so far. This is your working thesis. It may change by the time you draft your paper.
Consider ways you can narrow your topic into 3 main sections. The student in the example chose to examine the methodology and validity of the studies on violent games and aggression.
After you decide on three focused questions, you need to break each of those into even more specific questions. For each of the three focused questions, come up with two to four specific questions as shown in the chart below [The Discovery Question Drill Down Chart].
Determine one follow-up question on your topic that you can use to guide your presentation’s conclusion.
Submit the chart to your instructor at the Researchable Question Assignment link for grading.
Working Thesis
Main (General) Discovery Question
Focused Discovery Questions
Specific Discovery Questions
Follow up Question

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