Grand Nursing Theory and application to research

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September 23, 2016
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September 23, 2016

Grand Nursing Theory and application to research
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For this paper, I need to choose one grand nursing theory, and describe describe about how I will apply this grand nursing theory to my area of nursing research.

I chose my grand nursing theory to this theory
“Faye G. Abdellah: Patient-Centered Approaches to Nursing”

and my nursing research interest area is

Research topic : Establishing a meal plan based on individual needs and favors in long term care unit.

also, I will upload one word file named “Final paper format” that my teacher provided which is detailed format for this paper, this format will really helpful to overview how this paper should be writed. please follow this format.

and I also will upload my text book contents(pdf file), my theory(Faye’s patient centred approaches to nursing) is from page 139 to page 142.
Here’s the instruction from my syllabus

– Choose one nursing grand theory for his/her area of nursing research interest. the student needs to provide potential application examples of the selected nursing theory to his/her own area of research interest in nursing.
– 5pages, double spaced, 11pts
– the paper should include :
1) brief summary of the selected nursing grand theory
2) a brief literature review summary
3) application of the selected nursing grand theory to the student’s area of research interest
4) strength and limitation
5) one figure of theoretical framework should be included
6) Poorly written paper and plagiarized paper would bring minus points!!!

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