Governance and Public Policy

Governance and Public Policy
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Note: This is not essay it is Post/ Debate

affirmative position, for the statement: ‘Governments can solve everything.’
Please write and post a about 900 word critical position paper which outlines why they believe that ‘Governments can solve everything’.

Your argument should evidence your:
Understanding of the arguments set out by Florini and Nussbaum
Ability to contextualise implications of their positions on the concept of the social contract and the implications for governance and democracy as we know it
Critical and original conceptual thinking skills.

Please critically review the chapter : “ Why governments won’t solve everything’ in Florini, A., 2003, The Coming Democracy: New Rules for Running a New World, Island Press, Washington DC.
Please visit Martha Nussbaum’s argument about the social contract. While viewing consider:
To what extent does this argument link with Florini’s argument ?
What is Martha Nussbaum’s argument in relation to the social contract?
What is the implication for democracy and governance?

for any question please let me know.

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