Governance And Accountability

Governance And Accountability
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Please choose ONE of the 4 topic to write about 3000 word research-based essay. Now i just put topic here, and the detail of topic i will update file. Therefore, Please quick reading it before you write. Thank you !
1. Assess critically the implications of public-private partnerships (PPPs) for issues of transparency and accountability. In formulating your response draw upon evidence from one or more cases.
2 ‘New Public Management reforms [since the 1980s] have worked to both increase and decrease accountability and transparency.’ Discuss critically.
3 ‘While the accountability mechanisms of publicly listed companies resemble those of democratically elected governments, in practice, these mechanisms are often largely ineffective.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?
4 Drawing on a specific case (or a couple of cases) assess critically the role of the media today in holding government to account, in the process identifying key pressures and/or processes at work to both enhance and diminish the media’s role as the fourth estate.

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