From hatred to humanity, the journey to the heart of community

From hatred to humanity, the journey to the heart of community
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Spiritual Formation Research Paper: 1) Discover the author’s approach 2) Integrate their understanding into my application. 1) Author’s Approach- “I am called to go the the center, where I realize my solidarity with all human beings” (he realized this in a community for the physically disabled) Henri Nouwen (Spiritual Formation pg.93)
2) Integrating and applying Nouwen’s spiritual approach- Presently very comfortable within my spiritual intimacy with God and those with intellectual/physical disabilities, however, realizing I am challenged to love those with spiritual disabilities in community (those that cannot yet see their brokenness or their true selves). This can be realized through Nouwen’s practical approach by A) change of perception, non-judgemental, I too have spiritual disabilities B) Understanding Matt 13:14-15 “They have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear…” I need to be a light, not be afraid, it is the Lord’s work C)Act- Be present, participate, available, engaged, involved and be humble,
Henri Nouwen’s: Spiritual Formation, Spiritual direction and the Way of the Heart, Compassion, solidarity, consolation & comfort, Reaching out, Adam. Thomas Merton, Sayings of the desert fathers and mothers

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