FOR….. Blessed Top Writer….. ONLY

FOR….. Blessed Top Writer….. ONLY

Nestled in the Transylvania Alps you won’t find a clan of vampires but you will find the town of Ramnicu Valcea in Romanian. This particular town has a nickname among law enforcement: “Hackerville” because it is the capital of cyber crime. Cyber crime is a billion-dollar industry and ever-growing problem in the global business community. Case in point: The Yahoo data breach. In September, 2016 Yahoo informed the general public that approximately 500 million of its users’ accounts had been breached. This number steadily grew to 1 billion customer accounts involved in the hack. Hacking and other cyber crimes are taking centre stage across the global corporate community. Discuss the following:

Should Yahoo have delayed notification to the public about the data breach?

Are companies like Yahoo investing enough resources securing their networks and digital infrastructure?

How has this affected Consumer trust?

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