Finish the Essay 4 with A++++work

Finish the Essay 4 with A++++work

Final Essay Instruction

Topic Essays (Essays):

There will be 4 essays over the course of the term. Each essay will have several prompts that you can choose between, and they will ask you to explain economic arguments we have covered, evaluate those arguments, and express

your own opinion on any normative (ethical) issues involved. All

essays will be written outside of class and turned in electronically.

These will not be long research projects, the emphasis will be on

clearly and


conveying your understanding and opinion.

You should think of these essays as take home exams. A rubric

will be made available.

3-4 pages for this essay

I plan this week to cover issues related to natural resources and externalities due to pollution (e.g. climate change). This means that for the final essay (essay 4) you will have the choice of writing about the prompt on the Unit6ReadingList.pdf or on the Unit6ReadingList_pt2.pdf, which I have just posted.


We have covered pretty much all of the planned content about the legalization of illegal goods.  This means you may begin writing this essay now and could finish it before finals week.  This could a good strategy if you feel you may need to do very well on the final essay to get the grade you desire–having extra time means you will be able to get more feedback from me before turning it in, or if you are doing well in this course I encourage you to get the last essay out of the way and focus on other courses.

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