Financial Accounting Analysis

Medical Records and Office Documents 8-10 Pages APA Format In this assignment, you will develop a training manual that will be utilized for training new employees (certified medical administrative assistants [CMAAs]) who join the clinic.
May 5, 2017
Anatomy and Physioligy packets
May 5, 2017

Financial Accounting Analysis
Accounting Analysis Project


The project is divided into two major sections. The first section is ratio analysis also called performance measurement. In this section, I give you a couple pages I scanned from a textbook of some of the underlying concepts of performance measurement. To provide you with details on what the ratios are and what they mean, I then included four hyperlinks to resources on the web.

Following these resources, I give you the actual textbook problem (problem 14.4) (see attached pdf) with the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. I decided to provide all of this information so that you have it all at your disposal and do not have to go “find” the information yourself. My thinking is that if I provide the information, you can spend your time on the learning aspect of this assignment. At the end of this first section is the requirements section itemizing what you need to do.

The second section which follows all of the above is a very short section where I want you to write up an analysis of a horizontal and vertical analysis problem where I give you the problem and the solution. I am looking for a write up of what the data means. My thinking on this one is that the computer will spit out the numbers and the calculation but you need to be able to interpret the results.

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