Exploration of the cardiovascular system

In our exploration of the Cardiovascular System we encounter a number of very difficult and confusing sets of terms. These sets of terms can be very intimidating to patients, preventing them from approaching service providers. This week’s Discussion asks you to explore these terms and expand your ability to “translate” medical terms to more user-friendly language.
1. Select a set of confusing terms for your discussion. Examples include Oxygenated / De-oxygenated, Bicuspid / Tricuspid, Bradycardia / Tachycardia, and more. Please note that you are NOT tied to these examples. Select terms based on your studies.

2. Describe your system for keeping the terms clear. Be creative and avoid duplicating your colleagues’ topic choices.

3. Provide details on how you’d share this information with patients / patient families who are not fluent in medical terminology.

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