Entering a new organisation

Entering a new organisation Part of successful organisational change is an organisation’s ability to quickly bring new employees into alignment with the desired organisational culture. Recall your first day(s) in a new organisation, as a new student in a new school or in a new position with a new employer. Consider the important lessons that you learned in those beginning stages. How effective was the organisation in quickly giving you the knowledge and skills you needed to succeed? Did the organisation do all it could to orient you to the nature of the new position, the expected standard operating procedures, the personalities of your co-workers and the tasks you needed to accomplish? In this Discussion, you will reflect on your learning as a person encountering a new organisation. Identify an important fact, skill or habit you needed to learn very quickly in a new situation to successfully accomplish your role in that situation. Explain why the particular thing you learned was important for your long-term success in that organisation.

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