Emerty and Trist Model – Netflix

Looking to use the Emery and Trist Model in relation to Netflix.  A descrition of the model and how Netflix relates and how the business model fits is required. Need 2-3 (or more) power point slides showing model and basic talking points to go along with the descrition.  Should be at least a 5 minutes presentation with slides to support.
The analysis in the case presentations and case reports should reflect use of the analytical models and tools we develop in our course readings and class discussions. Each project report will evaluate the business issues pertaining to the subject matter of this course, i.e., Strategic Management, along with its associated strategy implications, developing an information base for a supporting position. Your approach to the corporate case should be analytical rather than merely descriptive. Avoid a long narration of the company’s history.


Will either attach the chapter after project is assigned through photos or will scan in the chapter and model

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